MARY-ROSE LOBO OF SKINIRVANA The Awakening Weekend 8&9 June 2019


SKINIRVANA is an all-in-one multi-purpose face oil to be used on the whole family, and through different life stages. The combination of super-charged natural ingredients eliminates the need for an additional moisturizer – this product repairs and hydrates in one step. Each SKINIRVANA formulation is hand poured, 100% natural, chemical-free, paraben-free, never tested on animals, contains over 95% ingredients from organic origin and is vegan.  Each SKINIRVANA blend consists of 7 pure plant and seed oils that when combined work to restore the complexion by healing scar tissue, reducing fine lines and pigmentation, and enhancing the skin condition for a glowing and vital complexion. Mary the founder of SKINIRVANA suffered from eczema and rosacea in her twenties, and formulated her facial oils to primarily heal her own skin. Mary now teaches others how to heal their skin naturally with a dedicated online facial massage programme.

Mary will be sharing a Self Care Session on Saturday

Fael Sculpt Massage

Learn the art of facial massage for a flawless complexion. Transform your skin with a dedicated skin care coach. Forget Botox and other invasive procedures - everything you need for youthful, toned skin is right at your fingertips. Mary-Rose Lobo will teach you a simple and effective facial massage routine to incorporate into your daily skin care or self-care regimen. During the Face Sculpt workshop you will learn an easy-to-follow and effective facial massage routine to lift, tone and sculpt the visage with no chemicals or devices.

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