:eah Thomas The Awakening Weekend 8 June 2019

About Leah

Leah loves holding space for people, be it working with the physical body through bodywork, massage or yoga; or through counselling/coaching and soul plan readings. All of the above disciplines have helped her navigate her way through life, not always easy and joyful as we know. So it's an honour and pleasure to assist others on their own unique journey. She’s been running her own business for 16 years and genuinely loves what she does.

Leah will be treatments throughout Saturday:

Intuitive Bodywork Unwind:

A fusion of advanced massage, Thai and yoga stretch, breath, pressure points and energy healing in an intuitive and gentle to flow. Allow your body's tissues, brain and nervous system to unwind and let go. Guaranteed blissful, light and energised.

Mini Soul Plan Reading:

This is an exceptional system that helps you to reconnect with your Souls plan. It is based upon the vibration of your name and reveals your worldly and spiritual challenges, highlights your worldly and physical talents and goals and bringing all the energies in to awareness, an overall view at your purpose. The energies you are holding to step in to your truth. An enlightening and powerful mini reading.

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