KERRY VIETCH The Awakening Weekend 8&9 June 2019


Kerry’s has found her life’s purpose, combining her most natural talent with her deepest passion. The outcome of which is co-creating spaces for people to connect, inspire and have fun. This work sees Kerry producing Glastonbury Festival’s iconic field ‘The Common’, co-founding the UK’s first ever festival celebrating Breathwork, and more recently working globally with Anthony Abbagnano as part of the Alchemy of Breath team.

Kerry has been connected with Rebirthing breathwork for over 20 years. In 1994 her first Rebirthing session in the US, along with some well chosen books ‘Living in the Light’ & ‘Creative Visualisation’ by Shakti Gawain, really shaped Kerry’s life. Now a trained Breathwork Practitioner and Energy Therapist, Kerry has founded Sacred Breath, with the intention and capacity to spread the incredible, transformational work that can be done simply by using the breath.

Kerry will be hosting a journey sessions workshop on Saturday, as well as 90 minute one-to-one Breathwork sessions

Introduction to Breathwork

We all breathe more than 17,000 times a day, yet how often do we bring our awareness to the breath? Join Kerry for an introductory session, offering an opportunity to experience the power of conscious connected breathing, the connection that can be made to our felt sense and our intuition, and how the breath can help us day to day to alleviate stress and anxiety and bring into balance our emotions.

One-to-one Breathwork session

We all have limiting beliefs about ourselves: Am I unlovable? Am I good enough? Can I trust people? What if we were to see that these stories are holding us back from reaching our full potential in life?

By using conscious connected breathwork we open the gateway connecting mind, body and spirit. We allow ourselves to tap into our body's felt sense, and to receive the wisdom within that each of us carries. The breath is our own medicine! It's always accessible and totally natural, and can become a great 'teacher' if we are willing to explore the possibilities available to us within the breath. When we bring our conscious awareness to our breath, we set the intention of calling balance and harmony back into our lives; we shine a huge light on those limiting beliefs, finally seeing them for what they are…illusions!

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