JO MICHELMORE The Awakening Weekend 8&9 June 2019


Jo runs The Olive Tree natural and holistic therapy business based in Fishbourne, Isle of Wight.  She has been passionate about holistic and alternative healing since her early twenties and started her journey in hands on healing practice by training in shiatsu at that time. Since then she has gone on to develop her own business and practice in massage, using essential oils and reflexology and more recently bamboo massage.  Jo’s practice is guided by her intuition and developing a positive flow of energy with her clients to aid healing.


Swedish Massage

This indulgent treatment de-stresses the body and mind, relaxes tired aching muscles. Using an organic base oil chosen for your skin type, this massage will nourish the skin and sooth the soul.

Bamboo Massage

Bamboo massage is a deeply relaxing and balancing treatment involving a deep tissue massage using heated bamboo sticks of various lengths and thickness.  The heat and beneficial properties of the bamboo help to balance energy within the body, releasing tension in the muscle and fascia often leaving the client feeling tingly and with a lovely sense of well-being.


The ancient Chinese practice of reflexology, a manual therapy focusing on the feet, has recently enjoyed a surge in popularity as a modern holistic therapy to relieve pain and stress.   Reflexology is based on the Chinese principle that certain areas on the soles of your feet or hands – known as reflex zones – containing millions of nerve endings, correspond to other parts of the body.  The Chinese believe that reflexology stimulates the body into healing itself by improving circulation, reducing stress, pain and restoring natural balance.

Aromatherapy Massage

A deeply relaxing massage using the finest organic oils to calm and sooth tired aching muscles.  A range of massage techniques along with a bespoke blend of essential oils help to relieve areas of tension in the back and shoulders as well as balancing the mind, body and soul.

Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic Drainage is a form of massage that stimulates the lymphatic system with gentle massaging strokes. The light rhythmical massage encourages the lymphatic system to eliminate metabolic waste products, excess fluid and bacteria. Manual Lymphatic Drainage benefits are numerous and include:

  • Clearing areas of congestion such as swollen ankles, puffy eyes and swollen legs

  • Promotion of scar tissue healing, torn ligaments and sprains....

  • Post-operative healing

  • Treatment of lymphedema and other conditions arising from venous insufficiency

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