JESSICA HUIE MBE The Awakening Weekend 8&9 June 2019


Jessica enjoyed a glittering career as a publicist and has worked with some of the world’s biggest stars, including Samuel L. Jackson and Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle. Twelve years ago, Jessica launched an award winning greeting card brand which broke ground as the first independent to secure a high-street presence for multi-cultural cards. Jessica is the Author of PURPOSE, published by Hay House and in 2014 was honoured with an MBE for entrepreneurship.

Jessica will be hosting a Wellbeing Workshop on Saturday

Surrender: Why letting go is the key to everything

In the age of ‘Self care’ what does it really mean to love and nurture ourselves? 

More than bath oil says Jessica Huie.

“True self love is the honouring of who we are beyond the roles, titles and belief systems we have become conditioned to adhere to. It’s the commitment to become who you truly are, and I believe passionately that every one of us is entitled to that.”

Join Jessica as she shares her story of relinquishing control and making the leap into a life which is the truest expression of who she is.

She’ll share; 

  • How you can find the courage to make the leap

  • Why surrender is far from being weak, the ultimate courageous act

  • How to navigate feelings of guilt and judgement in honouring your truth

  • Why NOW is the time to leap

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