Jade Shaw The Awakening Weekend

Out of Body Experience / Astral Projetion

Jade Shaw is a rising voice in the area of consciousness beyond the body and is currently researching the Out of Body Experience (OBE) as part of her Msc in Transpersonal Psychology.

Propelled by a powerful OBE she left a 12 year career in the arts to research, spread awareness and offer workshops. She believes this ancient practise is at the cutting edge of self development and can radically shift our state of consciousness influencing the way we live our lives.

Lover of sausage dogs, silence & sleep.
Pretty good at the practise of Out of Body Experience.
Working with an old pattern of being 'seen and heard' (the struggle is real).
Trying to befriend self sabotage (bit like hugging a hedgehog).
Shadow worker enthusiast (no light without the dark!)
Consciousness explorer (like what even is it?).
Has a monthly existential crisis (is life a paradox?)
Likes a nice sit down and a cup of tea (you can take the girl outta Yorkshire).
Committed to expanding awareness.
Sometimes does yoga. Sceptical mystic.

Jade’s will be hosting a Journey Sessions workshop on Saturday

Introduction to Astral Projection

We invite you to lift the veil of perception, shift beyond the body and embrace your multi-dimensional self for the purpose of living a more connected, awakened and fearless life.

This interactive workshop offers practical techniques via a 3 step process to learn how to self-initiate an Out of Body Experience. It draws on mindfulness, breathing and physical exercise’s to navigate the state so that you feel safe, equipped and empowered to start a home practise.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • Why Astral Projection is a powerful self-realisation tool.

  • Perspectives from both western scientific and eastern traditions.

  • Why mindset and intention is vital to this practise

  • How to achieve ‘mind-awake body-asleep’ awareness (the prepatory state Astral Projection)

  • How to harness the ‘vibrational stage’ prerequisite to Astral Projection

  • When and how to use ‘exit’ techniques from the physical body.

  • Sleep cycle planning

  • How to overcome fear in altered states of consciousness

  • What to expect in the environments beyond the body

  • How this practise benefits your daily life

Is this workshop for you? Yes, if you want to:

  • Experience the out of body state/astral projection.

  • Enhance your self development & spiritual well-being.

  • Connect to people, places & events outside of time & space.

  • Explore altered states of consciousness.

  • Investigate the nature of mind and reality.

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