Gemma Brady The Awakening Weekend 8 June 2019

The Power of Storytelling

Gemma is a documentary maker, creative mentor and founder of Sister Stories. She has dedicated her life to creating spaces for people to tell important stories, be it on film, in writing or in their community. She believes in the healing power of storytelling and the power of the generous acts of both speaking and offering deep listening.

Gemma created Sister Stories as a means of offering women an opportunity to come together to be seen and heard, experiencing the transformative power of simply being given to the space to be truly witnessed. Grounded in the primal and magical traditional of storytelling, Sister Stories events invite women to depend their sense of connection to the self and one another, experiencing the simple joy of knowing we are all in it together. What started as a simple women's circle gathering in London has grown to a thriving, supportive movement with women leading Sister Stories gatherings in their local communities.

gemma’s workshop at the awakening

Gemma will be hosting a Sister Stories circle in the Journey Sessions tent on Saturday.

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