Emme Dreary The Vegan Build The Awakening Weekend 8 June 2019

About Emme

Emme moved to the Isle of Wight when her daughter Athene was nearly two and met truly wonderful, caring, interesting and amazing people. A year later she got her first house and completely renovated it with the help of her Dad, whilst Athene sat on a piece of chipboard balanced on joists for nearly a whole year. She felt really fulfilled, designing and constructing, and really enjoyed teaching herself and learning how to do what needed to be done. Alongside this she worked in a health food shop in Cowes where she worked with Sarah, a highly competent and forward-thinking nutritionist, who helps numerous people get and stay well. Whilst there she learnt so much and grew even more passionate about food, health and nutrition.

Emme will be sharing a self care session on Saturday

Accidentally Writing a Vegan Cookbook

Emme shares her journey to creating The Vegan Build cookbook and how working with a nutritionist in a health food shop helped the process of researching nutritional information. Emme will empower you with how easy, cheap and quick it is to make really nutritious vegan food, and how full on it was teaching herself InDesign & photography and being a single mum and writing a book at midnight! But also how when we have something inside us that needs to be created, you just can't help it no matter how hard it is!!

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