Eminé & Paul Rushton SATTVA The Awakening Weekend 8 June 2019

About Eminé & Paul

Eminé & Paul Rushton, co-authors of SATTVA, The Ayurvedic Way to Live Well (released June 4th 2019; Hay House) invite you to an informal workshop on Conscious Living – celebrating the goodness in the every day. Come and learn about the five elements – space, air, fire, water & earth – and how all that you are, touch, feel and see, comes from them. Discover how the seasons, moon, sun & wind not only affect the weather, but your own feelings too, and enjoy an immersive discussion that celebrates the fun of being a truly beautiful human animal. 

In their new book Eminé and Paul Rushton, of Psychologies magazine, show how the life-changing principles of sattva can be applied to the home, the family, health, relationships and wellbeing.

Eminé & Paul will be part of the Spark Conversations on Saturday

Sattva – Natural Medicine for the Soul

'Sat' is truth in Sanskrit, and so, Sattva is the truth that guides us back to our selves: our true nature. By choosing to live conscious lives – gently, wholly, kindly – we transform our everyday. Eminé & Paul deep dive into the beautifully holistic science of self-healing, Ayurveda, which tunes us back into our human natures, and the nature all around us. From seasonal wisdom to cyclical shifts, we explore how truly magical and inextricable our bodies, minds and spirits are, and learn new ways to honour our 360 selves.

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