Dragonfly is an institution on the Island. A family run retail business in Newport since 1979. The shop stocks a wonderfully wide range of products and  specialises in some beautiful jewellery made with crystals and semi precious stones, each with their own individual healing qualities.

Other products include a range of Fair Trade clothing, bags and accessories, relaxing music and meditation cds, gift ware focusing on fantasy figures, dragons, unicorns, fairies, buddahs and angels. A large selection of Tarot and Oracle cards are also on offer, as well as the opportunity to have a private spiritual guidance reading with one of the gifted and talented clairvoyants that work at Dragonfly.

If you’re looking for incense, Dragonfly has a great selection of fragrances available. Alongside the incense sit a fabulous array of crystals and stones from Magdalana Quartz which works as a vacuum to clear the aura of negative energy and Honey Calcite which brings mental clarity to Dalmation Jasper which brings about a deep state of meditation and Lithium Quartz which counters extreme mood swings.

It is impossible to fully describe the emporium that is Dragonfly……we challenge you to enter Dragonfly and not be captured by something interesting or inspiring.

Julie from Dragonfly will be offering a range of crystals, yoga clothes, incense and smudge sticks in the pop-up market on Saturday

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