David Hunt Tai Chi The Awakening 8&9 June 2019 Isle of Wight


David is an Instructor member of the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain. 

In 1989 David began his study of the original Yang Family long form, Chi Kung, Hsing I, Pa Qua, Double Edge and Broadsword forms and their links to Jungian psychology with Graham Horwood, a student of Chu King Hung. Graham and Dr Shen are both third generation students of Yang Chen-Fu. 

David began teaching Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Double Edged sword and a version of the Staff form privately to small groups of students in an industrial setting in East London in (1993) and then for Adult Education services in Thurrock, Essex (2000). 

Holistic studies include Acupressure and Tongue diagnosis with Tony Rusli (1993), study of ritual, symbolism, meditation and astrology with Nina and Douglas Ashby (1993-8), BUQI healing with Dr Shen Hongxun (1995-6), second degree Usui Reiki with Allan Sweeney (2000). This knowledge has contributed to the study of healing with crystals and the impact of electrical and magnetic fields on our living environments. Academic study includes stage one of City Guilds adult education Teaching Practice (2001) and pursuing career in social work achieving BSc (2003) at APU and BA with Solent University in (2009). 

David started developing a flexible and accessible programme of teaching Tai Chi and Chi Kung for Health and Wellbeing in 2016. Today his focus is on the pursuit of a greater understanding of how moving, mindful exercise like Tai Chi improve health and wellbeing through research and study. 


Long form Tai Chi

David will be sharing a beautiful long form tai chi session in the Zen Zone on the Saturday of The Awakening.  The taster session will identify why exercise is important, what Tai Chi and Chi Kung is, its origins and evidenced based benefits. Participants can then take part in learning good posture. Tai Chi movement is then explored including balance, link with the philosophy of yin and yang as well as the importance of relaxed mindful intention. 

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