CHARLOTTE SMITH The Awakening Weekend 8&9 June 2019


“Charlotte's Studio” is a health and well-being centre on the Isle of Wight. Charlotte Smith has a passion for helping people deal with today’s stresses and awaken their true potential through a journey of self-discovery. She does this by using stress relief therapies, anti-aging support, health, fitness and well-being.

Using amazing technology Charlotte is able to view a person's electromagnetic energy field, assess the client as a whole person—body, mind, spirit—and helps track the underlying causes of their imbalances, by using Heart Rate Variability, Aura Imaging, and Quantum Biofeedback. 

Charlotte also uses Energy Medicine Techniques and therapies with Quantum Technology and is trained as a ‘Mitochondrial Rescue Practitioner’, in ‘Advanced Quantum Biofeedback’, ‘Instant Transformation Quantum Healing’, ‘AromaTouch’  and more.

Aura photography The Awakening 8&9 June 2019

Aura photography

Charlotte will be offering Chakra Aura imaging sessions throughout the day on the Saturday of The Awakening.

Our understanding of who we are is changing with Quantum science as it proves we are vibrational beings and that we have the ability to rebalance our bodies and trigger them to self-heal. Aura Photography gives you an insight into your energy system and can help you towards mastering your own well-being.

When you balance your mind, body and spirit, you can see the results reflected in your Aura image.

Once you see the colours of your Aura and Chakras and understand their corresponding meanings, you can work to improve your health in various ways.

Aura Imaging sessions will be available if you buy a Gold ticket, or if pre-booked.

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