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Laura Phelan & Abby Russell are the newest game changers in a saturated and diet obsessed wellness industry. Their ethos lies in the belief that there is SO much more to achieving body confidence and happiness within yourself than just accepting your appearance or doing a few tweaks to look better. Ultimately they know that for people to be the happiest and most fulfilled versions of themselves they need to work on themselves from the inside-out. 

They say…

There is a lot of jargon floating around about the term "self-love" but they understand that it’s about having good self esteem and respecting yourself as a PERSON regardless of what you might look like. We grew up being taught about historic females that played a part in serious societal change. Now the younger generation are raised on celebrity culture. It’s all tummy tucks, who has the biggest derriere and the glossiest hair. We want to change all that. We fully believe in health at EVERY size and want women of all shapes, sizes, cultures and backgrounds to feel empowered exactly as they are.

Our aim is to build a community and movement based around improving people's sense of self, body image and relationship with food. Abby is a Curve Model and body confidence advocate. Laura’s is an Eating Disorder Specialist promoting a positive relationship with food and body image.

Laura & Abby will be part of the Spark Conversations on Saturday

Beyond The Bikini Body 

With an ever-growing epidemic of body image dissatisfaction we want to cut through noise and help you feel "summer ready" in a very different way. Expect to dismantle and ditch the diet culture once and for all, finally learn how to feel free and content in the body you were given, leave comparison to unrealistic ideals at the door.

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