Absolute Collagen The Awakening Weekend 8 June 2019


Award winning Absolute Collagen is a ready mixed marine collagen supplement for and women and men.

Collagen is a powerful anti-ageing ingredient and fights against the visible signs of ageing. In the arena of ingestible beauty products, collagen is now recognised as the star player.

Unfortunately, research shows that collagen levels begin to deplete from the age of 25. By the time we get to 40 we will have lost around a third of our collagen, which can cause our skin to wrinkle and sag.

Collagen is the largest and most abundant protein in our bodies, it's the ground substance, the structural material in the human body is collagen.

The effect of the loss of collagen on our skin is often very noticeable, Collagen is a very important component and the depletion of it can cause deterioration of our skin and connective tissues. 

When collagen becomes weaker and less substantial it begins to sag often showing as crows feet or turkey neck, doctors call this Ptosis. This is due to collagen depletion.

Research shows that collagen is fast becoming the leading functional ingredient of ingestible beauty supplements in all regions of the world.

Absolute Collagen will be selling their goodies as well as offering samples in the pop-up marketplace on Saturday

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