Sunday Nature Calls Chill Session

So, if Saturday is all about Awakening, then Sunday is all about grounding. We are going to get connected to the earth and nature through sessions which help us to slow down, to integrate and honour the relationship between ourselves and the environment we’re in.

Sound Bath The Awakening 6 & 7 June 2020

From 10am through to 2pm you will enjoy forest bathing, soundscape sessions, drumming, storytelling, gentle grounding yoga, gentle breathwork connecting to the earth, hypno-meditation using the calls of nature, and wood craft sessions.

Tickets for Sunday are available as part of a weekend ticket.


What’s included in weekend ticket?

Entry for The Big Chill Session is available as part of weekend entry for The Awakening. Early Bird weekend tickets are available from £105.

The Awakening 6 & 7 June Isle of Wight 2020