2019 Line up


The Awakening brings a host of globally-renowned well-being and self-development experts to share their magic, along with some of the best holistic heroes gathering together in one space.

2020 Line up will be announced soon.


Wellbeing Workshops

A deliciously deep-dive into knowledge and wisdom, these experiential sessions are crafted to help you find purpose, celebrate your life and activate your magic.


The Spark Conversations

Lightning talks on a diverse range of consciously-minded subjects to create new ways of thinking related to making our lives, and our world, a better place to live in.


Yoga, Movement & Sound

A vibrant mix of yoga, movement, dance and sound sessions to energise, re-balance and come home to your wise, wild, free self.


The Journey Sessions

Going beyond layers of everyday consciousness to shift perspective and connect with deeper awareness of your inner worlds.


Self Care Sessions

30 minute how-tos, demos and talks focusing on holistic self-care. In each session you will learn take-away tools which will help you bring nurture and self-care into the everyday.


The Book Club

Bringing shelf-development to life with talks by authors and workshops related to the magic we find between the lines of our favourite books.


The Zen Zone

Nothing but bliss for the soul. Create shapes, enjoy a lie down in the napping tent and relax to crystal harp soundscapes.


Therapists & Readers

Relax & Restore with a wide range of holistic treatments and healing therapies including Reiki, energy work, massage, reflexology, aura imaging, readings and more.


Pop-up Marketplace


All of this plus…

● Vegan Lunch & Refreshments ●

● Goodie Bags ●

● The Ultimate Chill Session on Sunday ●