The story behind The Awakening

I’ve long been creating events and spaces to help people who feel that they’re at the back of the queue when it comes to looking out for their own needs. Having a place like the Isle of Wight to host them in is a dream, as there is such a healing vibe and beauty to the place, that you can feel yourself slow down and breath as soon you cross the water and set foot on the land. I’ve been lucky enough to host the Practical Magic Weekend Retreat on the Island for the past year, which is the most beautiful experience. And yet, I found myself having so many conversations with people who didn’t feel they had the time to gift themselves three or four days of self care, but a day… a day of delicious self care, that would work.

And what if that day of self care could give you everything you needed to take home with you to bring everything you’ve experienced into your everyday life? Imagine, just imagine, if that day could bring you back to yourself, to ignite the home fires of your creativity and wellbeing that could breathe life into the very core of you, so that you can take care of your own needs, as well as those around you? Just take in a deep breath now, and imagine slowing down and connecting to a place within you — a place to savour and celebrate you.

Well, here you are, this is my gift to you. The Awakening is your space; a delicious offering dedicated to nurturing of wellness, inspiration and self-care.

The idea of The Awakening is that you get to curate the experience you desire, based on what you need to fill your cup, because self care is the greatest act of service we can bring to the world. So, whether you want to listen to a talk about self-celebration, finding purpose, sacred past lives, or activating your magic; whether you want to move your body with a yoga or shake it down with a movement session; or whether you want to look beyond everyday consciousness with Astral Projection, or journeying — there’s something for you. You will also be able to deeply relax with a massage, enjoy delicious food, sharing time with friends, or simply take yourself off to a gorgeous bell tent filled with blankets and cushions and go enjoy a nap! The experience you create is unique to you and what you need.

The Awakening is my love letter to the place I call ‘home’. This is my love letter to YOU.

With love and magic always, Kate x

Kate Taylor The Story behind The Awakening Festival 8 & 9 June 2019 Isle of Wight